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Air Scaler Handpiece

Air Scaler Handpiece

Product Description

Air Scaler Handpiece 2 or 4 Holes


1. Brand New; Durable; 100% CE High Quality.

2. One Handpiece Plus 3 Compatible tips: S1 S2 S3.

3. Easily attachable to any 2/4-hole borden handpiece connector

5.2-Hole Type is available if you want. Handpiece and tips can be purchased separately.


1. Sound Level: 65-68dB

2. Air Volume: 15~24L/Min

3. Air Pressure: 2.8KG/CM2

4. Available AirPressure:2~3.5KG/CM2

5. CAUTIONS: The air supply must be free of moisture. The water supply must be filtered.

6. INSTALLATION: Holding the tip-end, turn clockwise and fasten securely tighten with wrench. Shout off the water supply. Adjust air pressure to 2.8KG/CM2 Adjust the water flow until a fine mist ejects from the tip.

7. LUBRICATION: Supply 2-3 drips into the drive air tube once or twice a day or spray lubricant into inlet hole of handpiece for about two seconds.