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Apex Locator Root 600

Apex Locator Root 600
Apex Locator Root 600
Item# RZ-600
Regular price: $489.00
Sale price: $439.00

Product Description

Apex Locator Root 600 : Very reliable and precise Apex Locator. Dual frequency signal for very accurate measurements.

Precise measurement results at any root canal environment. Recently updated, the world's best selling apex locator offers enhancements for the latest in endodontic solutions. Utilizing superior technology and a new PC board, YS-RZ-600 produces unmatched clinical accuracy rates, not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other fluids, or electrolytes. YS-RZ-600 features an expanded, easy to read display screen with high contrast. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file. The new unit is lightweight and offers exceptional durability. The base of the unit has also been modified for greater stability during procedures. Other features include: slim, lightweight file holder, no zero-adjustment, automatic calibration, battery power indication, adjustable volume and power off function.

Precise measurement results; Works at any environment irrespective of any fluids or blood in the root canal Effective at any thickness level of the root canal file. Beeping sounds enabling fluent monitoring of the file tip position. Automatic adjustment; NO deed to make any changes. Large Color LCD display enables exact visualization of the file tip position. Easy sterilization that prevents cross infection between patients. Powered by 5 AA Batteries (batteries are not supplied) Power saving maintains long life.


Easy to clean with slick design To adopt flat switch and without scraggly surface, more easier to clean Credible design, shows battery power Batter power shows through club-shaped chart, which indicated on the LCD screen. Without any operation for 5 minute, it will be turned off automatically.In addition, new Alkali dry cells can be worked for 100hrs continuously. Soft alarm sound can be chosen 3 kinds of tamber, adjustment of volume or without voice. Patients only undertake little test electric current Only go through little current, patients will not feel any ache in a very comfortable treatment. Precise measurement results, irrespective of dry or wet in the root canal


Need not to make adjustment automatically, high precise Be use of high integration agglomerate, function all in single integration agglomerate, to realize computerized. It is not necessary to make any adjustment according to different patients. Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal, even during the treatment. With two kinds of different frequency signal, precise measurement results, irrespective of dry or bleeding purulence in the root canal. Precise measurement results, although it's filled with NaCLO2, Physiological Saline, H2O2, Water, etc. Irrespective of kinds of teeth, size of root tip, thickness of root canal file. Exact visualization of the file tip position on Large color display High precise, high contrast Large color display To make position of root canal file the same as indicator bar, adopts large LCD display with exact visualization. Set Shining position of root tip arbitrarily, to as length sign during operation. Can be sterilized by autoclave Dapper root file holder Root canal holder, contrary electrode can be sterilized by autoclave. With dapper holder, it's convenience for dentist during operation. Normally click collect on root canal file to measure, or if root canal file get to the side of holder front Contact point of root canal file is made by high quality metal


Power voltage£ºDC7.5V(5×DC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells) Power consumption: below 0.135VA Test Voltage: below AC80mV Test electric current: below 10μA Display: reflex colored LCD display, buzzer Dimensions: W105×D105×H115mm Weigh: about370g


1×probe cord 3×File holders 4×Contrary electrodes