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Handpiece E-Generator LED Light included 4holes

Handpiece E-Generator LED Light included 4holes
Regular price: $389.99
Sale price: $249.99

Product Description

Ecco-GEN-P-4H Handpiece E-Generator ( LED Light included ) This handpiece has an internal generator that produces the necesary power for the LED on the handpiece tip

No Fiber Optic Necessary ! No Special Installation No Technical assitance 15 seconds conection and you are good to go !

GEN-P is the latest in the popular ECCO series of high speed handpieces. Every feature of GEN-P handpiece is precision engineered to deliver enhanced performance with the reliability and durability ECCO users expect. The cost versus performance ratio puts the GEN-P series at the highest level within its class.

3 sprays- Push Button Standard Head - Ceramic bearings 4 holes ( Midwest compatble ) Replacement cartridge

The differences between a fiber optic handpiece and a self illuminate handpiece:

A fiber optic handpiece gets light from the fiber optic circuit board inside the dental unit. (The circuit board transforms electricity to light). A self illuminate handpiece has an electric generator inside, which transforms air power to electricity and to light.

A fiber optic handpiece requires the dental unit to be equipped with fiber optic circuit board and 5/6 hole hose.

Self illuminate handpiece (E-Generator) doesn't need those equipments, its fitting is like a normal handpiece, which attaches to a normal 4 hole or 2 hole hose.

Replacement Parts Available: Cartridge Canister -Item Number: 113915