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Dentsply TPH 3 Syringe *** Special Buy 10-9 @ $39.99 10 Up @ $36.99 ***

Dentsply TPH 3 Syringe
Dentsply TPH 3 Syringe
Item# tph3syringe
$39.99, 10/$369.90

Product Description

Creamy, non-sticky handling thanks to state-of-the-art resin and nano-filler technology. Unmatched ability to reflect and absorb color from surrounding tooth structure to produce restorations that defy detection. And long-lasting shade stability proven in case studies that show no change, five years after the procedure. TPH®3 combines nanotechnology with proprietary synergistic fillers in a patented, clinically proven resin matrix. The result: beauty and durability.

TPH®3 filler technology. Nanotechnology combines with a proprietary blend of glasses to provide: Exceptional surface luster Unmatched creamy and non-sticky handling Strong and balanced physical properties TPH®3 resin technology. Highly efficient cross-linking combines with light-refractive indices in balance with the filler technology to provide: Superb bond with fillers and excellent resin strength Lifelike light refraction and color absorption TPH®3 stain resistance. TPH®3 showed greater stain resistance than Filtek® Supreme Ultra in side-by-side tests. Samples of both restoratives were immersed in coffee and mustard for 24 hours at room temperature and then rinsed with tap water. The results are indisputable.